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“SSEAYP will change your life.”

It’s the journey of a lifetime. Yeah….. right.

I frowned as the ex-SPYs onstage continued their sharing about things like COC, DG, CA, VA, SG, PYs, NLs, and “SSEAYP sickness”.

I’m usually pretty quick on acronyms, but I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

I wasn’t here to change my life. I just wanted to travel, make some new friends, and well, basically enjoy myself and spend time away from work.

Change my life? I doubt that.

Well, as it turns out, I was going to learn just how exactly what all those terms meant and more, over the next nine months.

This is my story about a journey that, somehow, hasn’t ended even after we disembarked back onto land.


Pre-departure Training: Singapore

Before we set off for Tokyo, we had to go through an intensive four month training to prepare for our voyage. This culminated in a pre-departure concert that we eventually performed onboard Nippon Maru.

But first… we had to turn 28 strangers into one cohesive contingent.

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First stop: Tokyo, Japan

Our journey began as we arrived in the Narita airport in Tokyo on 25 October 2016. Here, we had the last Youth Leaders Summit at the National Youth Centre.

Youth Leader Summit 2016Youth Leader Summit 2016 (Jumpshot)

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